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Cornish Green Back Bacon


Produced by The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Co


Dry Cure
Their traditional dry cured Bacon involves a meticulous process of hand rubbing each cut of pork in their own dry cure, salt based mix. It’s then left to cure for at least five days to mature. The Bacon is then air dried for up to two days before its then sliced and ready to eat. The mild, delicate flavour of our bacon is perfect for the iconic `English Breakfast’ or the nation’s favourite, `Bacon Sarnie’.

Their award winning Smoked Bacon is just one of our many exceptional products we smoke in house. We smoke our bacon by using a traditional method over Beechwood chippings. The result is a succulent, full flavoured bacon with a delicious, subtle smoky finish.

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Weight 0.000 kg

Ingredients – Cornish Pork,
Salt, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite(E250))
Ingredients – Cornish Pork, Salt, Preservative (E252) (E250)

Cornish Green Back Bacon

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