Rose Farm Chutneys


Made in Somerset
200g – 340g

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Weight 0.000 kg

Harvest Chutney
BARLEY Malt Vinegar Sugar Apple Onions Tomatoes Marrow Maize Starch Herbs and Spices

Curried Peach Chutney
Sugar, BARLEY malt vinegar, peaches (18%), onions, maize starch, lemon juice, spices

Onion and Pineapple Chutney
Sugar, BARLEY malt vinegar, onions (21%) Pineapple(19%), Maize starch, caramel

Hot Tomato Chutney
BARLEY malt vinegar, tomato (34%), sugar, apples, onions, gherkins, carrots, cauliflower, maize starch, chilli

Green Bean Chutney
BARLEY Malt vinegar, Green Beans (28%), Sugar, Onions, Maize Starch, Spices

Onion Marmalade with Real Ale
Onions (65%), Brown sugar, Potholer Ale (12%) balsamic vinegar, BARLEY malt vinegar, spices

Rose Farm Chutneys

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